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BUILDING MATTER WORKSHOP (amàco) is an educational resource center that aims to make visible, in sensory and poetic ways, the physicochemical behavior of the most common natural materials, such as sand, water, earth, wood, straw, etc. The project aims to disseminate knowledge regarding their application in construction, so as to promote the emergence of eco-friendly practices. amàco brings together physicists, engineers, artists and architects, under the same roof. Magic, emotion and creativity are the watchwords of the project.

The amàco team invites all teachers, researchers, professionals and representatives of higher education institutions and research or vocational training organizations, local representatives, etc. interested in the Building Matter Workshop, to get in touch (contact information below).

Building Matter Workshop (AMàCO)

Les Grands Ateliers
BP 43
38092 Villefontaine Cedex
tel : +33 (0)4 74 96 89 06