News > 18th festival Grains d'Isère

The 18th festival Grains d'Isère will open its doors to public on 2019, 1st of June, 10h – 17h

Around a huge heap of earth in the north of Isère, France, professionals, visitors, architects, entrepreneurs, artisans, students, engineers, scientists, artists, scholars, families and curious are invited to discover together the incredible potential of this material. They are asked to put their hands in the earth to manipulate, experiment, innovate, create, restore and construct. Many workshops and activities are proposed next to exhibitions, workshops and meetings. Public and professionals meet and take time to interact, discover and work together.

Festival Grains d'Isère 2019, 1st of June, 10h – 17h
Les Grands Ateliers
Villefontaine / Isère / France