Depuis 1979, CRAterre, Centre international de la construction terre, œuvre à la reconnaissance du matériau terre afin de répondre aux défis liés à l’environnement, à la diversité culturelle et à la lutte contre la pauvreté.

3 objectifs poursuivis :
  • mieux utiliser les ressources locales, humaines et naturelles

  • améliorer l’habitat et les conditions de vie

  • valoriser la diversité culturelle

Earthen architecture around the world

Earth has been used for eleven millennia and today remains the most widely used building material around the world. One third of the total human population lives in a building made of earth - more than two billion people in 150 countries. Earthen architectures, simple and monumental, are present in a diversity of contexts and meet a vast array of needs.

Atouts environnementaux
de la terre

Building with raw earth is particularly suitable for :
  • Recovering excavated soil otherwise considered waste

  • Facilitate recycling of materials used at end of life

  • Reducing a building's embodied energy

  • Passively improve hygrothermal comfort