CRAterre is an international reference in the field of earthen architecture. After having largely contributed to its recognition as a discipline, CRAterre continuously strives to improve and disseminate the body of knowledge and best practices at an international level.

Our approach

Our project approach establishes coherence between concepts, methods and objectives, while facilitating the active participation of stakeholders (institutions, professionals and communities). This approach, which brings together diagnostics, research, experimentation and application in a dynamic way, also reinforces skills and promotes scientific and academic cooperation.


The analysis of “Construction Cultures” allows CRAterre to develop innovative construction procedures and project methodology that is adapted to local contexts. CRAterre has equally developed new educational guidelines ranging from the handling of materials to on-site training.

CRAterre’s capacity for innovation and multidisciplinary integration are recognised and inspire numerous organisations around the world. In this respect, examples of large-scale projects include ‘Les Grands Ateliers’, the UNESCO Chair and Africa 2009.

2010 Activity Report