Since its creation, by publishing “Earthen Construction”, CRAterre showed a willingness to disseminate knowledge and know-how.

This effort was pursued through the publication of many articles and books, including the "Traité de Construction en terre" - Earth Construction: A Comprehensive Guide, which was translated into English, Spanish and Russian, becoming a reference book worldwide. However, since research activities and experiences have expanded in the field of earth construction, CRAterre plans to fully review and update this material by 2020.

CRAterre contributes to the valorisation of earthen architecture and the dissemination of good practices by implementing and collaborating in the development of other actions such as:

Documentation Center

CRAterre-ENSAG has a unique documentation service, dedicated to earthen construction and architecture around the world. The library holds more than 18,000 items (printed documents, illustrations and audiovisual material) in the fields of earthen architecture and construction, as well as other related disciplines (world heritage, traditional housing, construction techniques, local materials, etc.).

The Documentation Centre is managed by an information and communication professional, who ensures the conservation as well as the availability of the documentary heritage, especially for:

  • PhD students of the CRAterre laboratory
  • “DSA-Terre” students
  • All other accredited persons

The CRAterre Documentation Centre is open every day, from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm – by appointment only.

If you would like to visit the Documentation Centre, please send an email to craterre.documentation@grenoble.archi.fr  with indicating your status (teacher, researcher, student, consultant, etc.) and the reason for your visit. You will receive a personalised response as soon as possible, together with the relevant access conditions (fee, use of resources, commitment form).
Levrat House, which hosts the documentation centre.

Maison Levrat, housing the Documentation Center